Schticky Review

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Schticky SaleCleaning the house is one of the most taxing and most challenging chores to do. This is why any new product launched in the market which is innovative and useful are always very much appreciated by consumers. One of those recently launched product is The Schticky. Below is our complete Schticky review.

The Schticky is a revolutionary new cleaning product known to be a very good reusable lint roller. The best thing about it is that it can actually clean up just about any other dry mess aside from lint. This product is designed to be able to grab on to dirt, hair, and other messes that you see lying around on your floor or hanging on to your walls. What makes this different from other products of its kind is that it is made of silicone instead of just ordinary paper. Therefore it has the ability to grab hold of lint, dirt, and other mess. This is also the reason why it is reusable. When it is wet it becomes slippery so it makes it easy for you to clean it. When it is dry it becomes sticky therefore you will be able to use it over and over again without having to buy replacements or fillers. This innovative use of silicone is the reason why The Schticky is so unique. The silicone works on different types of material such as wool, velvet, tile, and even wood.

The manufacturers of this brilliant product always thought of The Schticky as an all-around cleaning device. So they came up with different sizes in order for consumers to maximize its use. These are the following sizes:

1.)    Little size – It is composed of two parts and is little enough to fit into your pocket so you can take it with you wherever you go. It is foldable so that when you are not using it you can keep it without exposing it to dirt. It also folds back up for ease of storage.
2.)    Regular size – It is the same size as just about any regular lint roller. This is meant to be used in cleaning clothing or simply for picking up random small messes around the house.
3.)    Large size – The big Schticky is about the size of a mop or a broom. This is ideal for cleaning floors and ceilings or other areas in your house that are hard to reach.

Many satisfied users of The Schticky have given this product such positive feedback for being very effective in helping them keep their homes spic and span. The one thing that ultimately sets it apart from its competitors is that it has the ability to clean up just about any kind of dirt as long as it is dry. It is also very budget friendly because this way, you do not have to keep buying refills or replacements. You simply have to wash the silicone to be able to use it again for another cleaning job. The fact that it works on different surfaces and material makes it very versatile and makes it the perfect addition to the cleaning tools that you rely on to keep your home sparkling clean.

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